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At Goat Milk Stuff, we believe that goat milk is incredibly wonderful stuff.  So you may be surprised not to see it as an ingredient in our lip balms or lotions. The reason is simple - we want to do what's best for your skin!

What happens if you leave milk sitting out on the counter?  It goes bad.

Bacteria and other nasties can begin to grow in the milk if it is not properly stored and refrigerated.  This (obviously) is not very good for you.

The reason we can add milk to goat milk soap without it going bad is because soap goes through a chemical reaction called saponification. This reaction takes the inputs and produces soap and glycerin as the outputs. The properties of the milk are in the soap, but it's no longer milk, so it doesn't spoil or grow bacteria.

Unfortunately, lip balms and lotions do not undergo this same reaction. When you add milk to lip balm or lotion, it remains milk. In order to prevent harmful bacterial growth, you need to add chemical preservatives.

At Goat Milk Stuff, we do not use any chemical preservatives because we do not feel that this is natural or healthy for your skin.  And the testing I am aware of shows that "natural" preservatives do not do a sufficient job at preventing nasties from growing in real world situations.

So instead of making a liquid lotion, GMS makes a solid lotion. This solid lotion (and lip balms and deodorants) do not contain any goat milk or other liquids, so there is no liquid to create a favorable environment for growing the bacteria.

While we believe that goat milk is a wonderful addition to soap and has lots of benefits, we believe adding it to lip balm or lotion isn't the best choice because any benefit you would receive from the goat milk would be outweighed by the chemical preservatives we would need to add.

So enjoy your goat milk soap with lots of healthy, raw goat milk added, but avoid it in lotions or lip balms.


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