I am a big believer in goat milk.  I think it's wonderful stuff.  The whole reason I got my first goats in 2005 was because I wanted the raw goat milk for my children to drink.

Because of my defense and promotion of the value of goat milk, many people are surprised by the fact that I don't add any goat milk to my lotion.

I have a very good reason for not adding the goat milk - I feel that liquid goat milk lotion is not a safe product.

When I first started Goat Milk Stuff, I "spoke" with someone online who was making her own goat milk lotion.  She decided to send her lotion into a lab for microbiology testing.  She was pretty upset when she got back the results because despite her best efforts to make her lotion in a sterile environment and despite putting in the recommended dosage of chemical preservatives, her lotion came back contaminated with nasty microbiology she didn't want on her skin.

She decided then that she was going to purchase some other goat milk lotions and have them tested without saying anything to the people who made them.

When she got the results back, she said that they came back positive for nasties like staph, strep, mold, fungus, and e-coli.  I kept an eye on her website for a year or so (in case she was lying just to discourage me - cynical, I know), and she never did offer goat milk lotion for sale herself.

Now, I didn't run these tests myself and I have no idea the conditions under which they were made.  But I do know that everyone of them listed on their ingredients a preservative (although I don't know how much).

But the end result showed me that (for me) making a goat milk lotion was not worth it.  Yes, goat milk is wonderful for your skin - in soap, where the saponification chemical reaction transforms the milk molecules into soap so it doesn't grow nasties.  But not in a liquid lotion environment that is perfect for growing bacteria.

I decided against making goat milk lotion because, in my opinion, the risk of contamination and the high levels of chemical preservatives that need to be added to keep the product safe, outweigh the benefit of any goat milk that is added.

Please understand that I'm not saying that all goat milk lotions that are sold are unsafe.  I do believe that there are levels of chemical preservatives that prevent the growing of unwanted microbiology in goat milk lotion.  But those chemical preservatives are not something that I want to use on my children's skin.

Over the years, I've had many people challenge me on my stance that goat milk lotion is not a safe product.  They argue that it is.  I've also had business people encourage me to just add chemical preservatives because I could make a lot of money selling goat milk lotion.

But when I started Goat Milk Stuff, the one thing I said was that I would NEVER make a product that I was not willing to use on my own children.  And I'm sticking to that promise.

So if you don't want to use my solid lotion, because you're looking for a lotion with goat milk in it, I can respect that.  I would still encourage you to try our solid lotion, because it's wonderful stuff.  It may take some getting used to (people always want to put too much on at first), but it does a wonderful job on your skin.

But please know that despite my love of goat milk, I won't ever be making a goat milk lotion unless they discover a miracle natural preservative.  Because unless that is discovered, I won't use goat milk lotion on my family's skin and I won't break the promise I made.

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