The goats are done milking for the year - caramel will be back in 2024!


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Last week I talked about how we harvested jewelweed to be used in our jewelweed soap and jewelweed salve.  Once Greyden and Emery collect all of the jewelweed, it's time to process it. Jade does "quality control on it first".

She sorts through and makes sure to remove any weeds or items we don't want to use.

goat milk soap jewelweed

Then it gets passed to Emery who puts it through the food processor.

goat milk soap jewelweed

All the chopped-up jewelweed is then infused in organic extra-virgin olive oil.  This is a multi-step process that we've developed over the years that does an amazing job of getting all of the valuable properties of the plant into the olive oil. It's a very big job that we do.

goat milk soap jewelweed

But fortunately it goes pretty quickly and only needs to be done once a year! 

Goat Milk PJ

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