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I have lived and gardened in many different homes over the years.  And what I have discovered, is that where you choose to locate your garden is essential to how well you take care of your garden.  The adage, "Out of sight, out of mind" applies to your gardens.  So when we moved to the new house, it was imperative that we locate the garden where it would get a lot of attention.

After a LOT of thinking, talking, and planning, we decide to locate the garden between the house and the soaproom.

Every day,  Jim and I walk through the garden on our way to and from the soaproom.  The children do as well unless they are riding their bicycles on the driveway.  Passing through the garden regularly affords us a chance to pay attention to the garden to see what is needed.  It also gives us a chance to do some weeding and garden maintenance.

But mostly, it allows us a chance to eat.

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Every time I walk through, I grab something to eat.  A month ago it was lettuce or parsley or kale. Then it was strawberries.  Now it is sugar snap peas.  Soon it will be cherry tomatoes.  In fact, cherry tomatoes are quite often my breakfast during the summer.  I probably never would have thought to have cherry tomatoes for breakfast except for the fact that I walked by them on my way to the soaproom every morning last summer.

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So if you can locate your garden in a high foot traffic area, you (and your garden) will benefit from the proximity.  You will notice when the weeds are taking over.  You will notice if you need to send the children after all the caterpillars.  And you will notice that ripe cherry tomato that is calling your name!

PJ Jonas

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