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Lemongrass is an aromatic grass that spreads like wild fire and can grow up to 3 feet high. It is put through an involved distillation process to produce the lemongrass essential oil that we add to our goat milk soap.

Lemongrass essential oil can have one of two distinct aromas. It can be lemon/citrusy or rosy, depending on the type of lemongrass it is extracted from. Both of the scents are refreshing and relaxing and tend to rejuvenate the senses. This scent is a great mood lifter and helps bring on a "happy" state of mind. The lemongrass used by Goat Milk Stuff has a strong lemon/citrus scent.

This multipurpose essential oil has very therapeutic anti-microbial properties and can help support immune responses because it is capable of destroying bacteria and germs. Studies have shown that Lemongrass essential oil is also helpful in soothing and lessening the irritation and rashes associated with Candida - a naturally occurring yeasty fungus that can sometimes get out of control in our systems. Athlete's foot and other bacterial infections may also be soothed and calmed with Lemongrass essential oil.

The astringent and bacterial destruction qualities may also be effective in treating acne; whether it is ongoing or occasional outbreaks. Oily skin can be lessened with regular use of our Lemongrass Essential oil soap, without fear of over-drying.

High dollar spas often gently massage clients' temples with Lemongrass Essential oil because of its soothing properties. So if you have headaches or need to relax, lemongrass may be a good choice.

Irritating pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, lice and ticks are often repelled by the scent of this versatile essential oil. Many citronella products are actually a blend of citronella and Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Essential oils are very strong and should never be ingested or used undiluted on your skin. We are very careful with your goat milk soap to use an amount that is beneficial, but safe for your skin. Allergic reactions to lemongrass essential oil are very rare, but please watch for any reaction when using lemongrass products.


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