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We're often asked how long our soap lasts, so we decided to go straight to the users and find out. We asked our Facebook Fans how long 1 bar of soap would last 1 user. (Here are some Tips on Making Your Goat Milk Soap Last Longer as well.)  Here's what they said:

Katy: FOREVER!! I usually crack and bring in another bar because I want a new scent. But over a month and I shower daily!

Ann: A really, really long time!!

Terri: We only use a little bit each time so I'd assume a good few months. Maybe 1-3ish ? :) I mean I do, LOL*

Cassie: I would say definitely over a month!

Terri: I saw a video of your bar via Wendy and those bars look huge .. Just saying. (Compared to my Dove ones.)

Elizabeth: forever, even with water running over them b/c somebody else in the shower never puts it back on its rack!

Jennifer: Well we have two users and it lasts us about 1 month with each taking a shower every day. We also keep it on a holder in the back of the shower so water doesn't constantly land on it.

Nikki: At least 2 months....I buy for my daughter who is 4 and she uses it all over, but I also use it for my face and occassionally all over. I would be tempted to say we even might get 3 months from it. I have also found it great to lather on a sponge ball thingy, makes it last longer

Treva: More than a month...longer if I divide it up into a chunk at a time...

Katie: I get 3 months as the only user

Wendy: One bar will last about 2.5 weeks for us, but we're big soap users! haha i LOVE my gms! ;)

Aislinn: 2 months at least and I use the soap holder you guys sell.

Jennifer: About a month for me. I find that the scrubby soaps don't last that long though.

Melinda: I must be doing something wrong.... 2 to 3 weeks at best. I am the only user. Any thoughts?

Martha: More than a month with daily showers

Rachel: We use the half bar size and it will last us about a month to month and a half (my dh & I have our own flavors we prefer, so we each have our own)

Steve: Just a guess but I think I go through a bar a month at one shower a day. I've never counted so it's just a guess.

Sarah: I cut my bar into 3rds and 1/3 last 2-3 weeks with daily showers.

Diane: ‎3 months... SOooo much better and 'kinder' to the skin than any other soaps out there!! ♥♥

Kathi: Two users in my house....for showering about a month. Just put a bar by the kitchen sink for hand washing.......soooooo wonderful for dry hands especially during the winter months.

Brenda: I can't even guess........I have a bar of Rosemary Spearmint, Black Raspberry, Almond, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Pink Sugary, Peppermint and Vanilla all haning in my shower in Soap Savers. Hardly any room left for me in They are all just so yummy that every morning its a hard decision!! I would definitely recommend the Soap Savers......they are amazing and make this fabulous soap last even longer!!!!

Cindy: 2 to 3 weeks tops for us, so I'd say for one user, about 3 1/2 weeks. :)

Chris: Mine lasts about a month. I keep it in a dry place in the shower and use it once a day. Maybe 6 weeks...

Tina: 3 WEEKS with 1 user

Nurhayati: My oatmeal lasted close to 2 months. Abt 7 weeks or so.

Lana: I will have to agree with Melinda... I find my bar of soap only lasting about 3 weeks tops. I use it once in the morning all over and wash my face at night as well.

Mandie: My last order from you was on 10/11 and I'll be finished with my second bar in the next week or so.

Zach: I use it everyday and it lasts me about 3 weeks, a little less, sometimes.

Kristina: at least 2 months.

Brianne: when i was using a GMS bar myself (showering once a day), it lasted me about 5 -6 weeks. now i am using it twice a day for myself and for my daughter, and it is lasting about 3 1/2- 4 weeks.

Emily: Over a month... almost two!

Michelle: with one user, I think it was about 1 month

Joan: As a single user, it lasts almost 6-9wks. I noticed the longer I've had the bar, the longer it lasts. As others said, OMH and Purity scrub don't last as long.

Harmony: twice a day... 3-4 weeks. here is Malaysia, always summer :)

Tammy: I agree, almost two months.

April: Between my husband and I it's about 3 weeks. I wonder if how long the soap lasts is based upon how you apply the soap. Do you lather it in your hand, then use that lather on your body? Or do you rub the bar over your body?

Charlene: 5-6 weeks. And I am soap junky, no skimping here. Love it so much.

Krista: Mine lasts about six weeks.

Joanne: I have had mine since oct , so like 2 months now and I still have 1/2 bar left...I keep it in a soap dish so it dries between uses...

Christina: There are two of us and I think it's about 2-3 weeks. Maybe we rub it harder than other people... Everyone seems to make it last longer.

Brenda: I think the Soap Saver they sell make a HUGE difference because the bars dry out so well in between uses.

Barbra: Need to figure out how you all get these to last. Two weeks tops, 2 users, daily showers. We use a soap saver.

Lisa: Two users here. I'd say about 2-3 weeks too.

Yingbo: When I lived in the college dorms, your soap bars only lasted me about 1 week. I showered about 10 times a week (once in the morning and on certain days after the gym). I used your soap twice a day to wash my face and I also used it on my hair because I was trying out poo bars. So yeah under heavy usage, it only lasts 1 week. My soap never got time to dry due to this and it just melted. =[

Nichole: Going on 3rd week still have half a bar and shower daily . I use it daily in the shower and wash my hands with it.

Yingbo: I think using it on hair is what kills it. Also, it depends on the age of the soap. The harder it is, the longer it lasts.

Suzanne: About 2 or 3 weeks, and I am careful to put it in a soap holder. This is showering once a day, sometimes twice.

Yvonne: i have one in the shower that is just mine and it lasts about 2 month of showering everyday.

Kara: I think it all depends on if you are putting your soap in a dry area after use. My husband, myself and all 4 of my small kids can make a bar last about month. We shower or bathe every other day and we use a loufa to lather.

Kirstin: 2-3 months in the soap saver

Karen: With 2 users ours lasted about 3 weeks (I shower 1x day & he showers 2x day), so I'd assume that for 1 user about 5 weeks.

Ann: I have one in the shower and I am the only's away from the water on a drip dish far 2 1/2 mos...shower every day

Samantha: I have been using my bar for the past 3 months and am just now starting to run low

Haydee: It would be safe to say 1 month

Dinah: I dry mine after shower and put it in a bag, just got it last week and I shower every day. Looks like it will last atleast 2 months, maybe more. Secret is keep it dry when not in use!

Melissa: 2 months

Lisa: I use twice daily. Drying in a soap dish in between uses. Lasts 3-4 weeks.

Heidi: Wow. I use half bars and I go through one in about a week. Typically only shower once a day.

Trisha: My husband uses a half bar, and it lasts him about two months. And he gets filthy at work! Maybe soft water makes a difference? A little goes a long way here. A whole bar lasts my two older daughters and myself about a month. And my baby gets her very own bar (baby powder...yum!) which lasts her more than 6 months with a bath every day!

Marie: If you look back at my last order where I bought the Harvest bar, I am still using it, if that helps? Its less than half way through.

Jennifer: 3 months at least - shower at least every other day and use it to shave legs and sometimes to wash hair

Hyunji: My husband and I each use a half bar. I use it with soap saver and my husband just uses it plain. I've been writing down how long each half bar lasts and it lasts about 3 weeks for both of us. Sometimes mine lasts a little longer probably thanks to the soapsaver. Oh! and we shower everyday. ;)

G A: My husband find it lasts about 4 weeks, and we have a water softener, which helps.

Aunt Flunky: I think my bar is around 3 months old. I'm the only user and it's only about 1/2 gone. I use it everyday -- it is dried out between uses. Hope that helps

Stephanie: Two months for me! I live alone, take a bath every morning including shaving my legs daily and then a second shower every night after I work out. So twice a day every day and I still get a good two months out of mine! It dries out nicely on your wooden soap dish between uses, and I have soft water.

MaryBeth: 2 months. Shower daily. Keep soap in one of your wooden dishes in shower. Awesome.

Tricia: How long your soap last depends on the soap itself and how its used. So April Franklin Bex was right to question, lather in hands, or rub it over your body, and it also has been brought to my attention it also depends on the size of your body, depending on how clean you want to be. The bigger the body, and wanting to be clean, the more soap you use, right?

Barb: Not sure of the length of time being comparative for ours. It's only used by my 8 yr old (severe eczema )...but a big way we save it....I cut it down & put the smaller chunks in her soap saver. This cuts the "waste" down quite a bit!

Stephanie: I'd say about 2 months here, used once a day

Candi: About 2 weeks for me. I do take 2 showers per day on average tho.

Randi: Seems to last 2 weeks at my house ... but I think my husband sneaks some too, so this is not an exact answer!

Vicki: The little samples last for two showers. The soap I am really not sure...I'd say several weeks, but I'll test it out.

Eric: 2 Weeks

Tanelle: About six weeks for myself.

Tracy: Pj, this is how we promote the soap and help people realize that in the grand scheme of things $6 is worth it. First off, we say depending on your bathing habits and how sudsy you like to be, 1 bar will alst 1 person any where from from 3-4 wks. Also, here are a few tips to keeping that bar longer, do not use bar directly on skin, as you use more soap this way, we suggest useing a natural fiber wash cloth. Also, don't leave soap sitting in a puddle, or in a spot in the shower that the shower rains over the bar. I pay attention to this so when people ask, I can honestly tell them from my expereince. Now in the boys shower, forget it, we're lucky to get 2 wks out of a bar.

Lindsey: my hubby can make one bar last a month and he showers once a day.

Susan: With the soap saver a full bar will last me about 3 months. Single user with one shower every day. It was lasting about a month and a half before I got my husband his own soap saver. :)

Stacey: Just started using, and I'm the guinea pig as my family has sensitive skin. It lasted me about one month with daily use.

Dee: A good solid month if taken care of properly - not left in a puddle.

Sue: i use mine daily. I just put a new one in my shower and the last one lasted about 3 months. I keep it in one of the scrubbies and it hangs and dries.

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