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I've always known how good drinking goat milk is for your body.  I've also written about the benefits goat milk adds to your soap.  But because nobody in our family suffered from eczema, initially I didn't realize how beneficial our goat milk soap is for people with skin conditions such as eczema.

But soon after we started giving it out and selling it, people started telling me that our goat milk soap was relieving their eczema symptoms.  People started telling their friends and now, one of the most common questions I'm asked is, "Which soap should I use for my (or my child's) eczema?"

We always recommend that people start with the purity soap.  It is unscented and very gentle and mild.  We also have the purity scrub which has rolled oats added.  The rolled oats are not scratchy (they're more bumpy) and can help relieve some of the itching (remember taking an oatmeal bath for poison ivy?).

Every person's skin is different and the causes of their eczema are different, so if you're still experiencing some issues after trying the purity, you can try the tea tree, the calendula, or the organic castile.  The organic castile is made with just organic extra virgin olive oil and goat milk.  It won't lather as well (it's more lotion-like) or last as long as the purity, but it is the most mild soap that we make.  The tea tree contains tea tree oil which is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal - all of which can be helpful with eczema.  We infuse the calendula soap with calendula flowers because they can help with skin issues.

We now have a problem skin pack that contains half bars of these four soaps that people tell us are best at relieving their eczema symtoms.  So if you want to experiment with all four of the soaps, you can just order them in one place and at a slight discount.

Some people find that once they get their eczema under control, because our soaps are natural, they are able to switch to any of our scented goat milk soaps.  Others find their skin prefers they stick with the purity.

Whether you drink it or use it in your soap, you may be surprised at the benefits of goats milk on eczema.

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