People ask me quite often which soap and lotion I use on my face.  (But what they really want to know is what they should use on their face.) 

Let's start with me. I don't have very sensitive skin, so I am able to use all the different soap scents on my face.  Years ago, before I started making (and using) our goat milk soap, after I washed my face, my skin would feel "tight".  I didn't even really realize it at the time.  But once I started washing my face with our goat milk soap, I noticed the difference and that my skin doesn't tighten, but stays feeling soft.  

Over the years, I've altered what I use.  Currently, I use a peppermint luffa to wash my face.  I use the peppermint because it is very uplifting which helps wake me up, but also because peppermint essential oil is supposed to improve circulation. And I love the exfoliating that the luffa provides.

For most of the year, that's all that I use on my face.  In the winter, we heat our house with wood and so it can get pretty dry.  During those months, when I get out of the shower, I dry off and then rub some lotion on my hands and smooth it over my face.  I personally use a large stick of the red label formula in a custom blend of lavender orange that we make just for me.  But if I didn't have that, I would probably use the almond (because I love that smell).

If I'm washing my face out of the shower, I will use whatever hand soap I have at the bathroom sink (usually almond, lavender, or lemongrass).

And that's really all I use on my face. 

What goat milk soap should you use on your face?

So what should you use?  It depends on your skin.

If you don't have sensitive skin, choose a soap scent and a lotion scent that appeals to you.  All of the soaps have the same amount of goat milk, so they are all equally moisturizing and beneficial for your face.

But if you do have any skin sensitivities or problems, you can do some experimenting to see what soap your skin responds to the best. I would first start with an unscented soap so you can get a baseline.  (Don't forget that we have smaller soap sizes while you are experimenting.)

We have 3 different unscented formulas:

The purity and calendula are very popular facial soaps, but some women with sensitive skin prefer to use the organic castile because it is the most mild soap that we make.  The organic castile is the soap we suggest for newborns, so it is very gentle on sensitive facial skin.

If your skin is oily or acne prone, after experimenting with the unscented soaps, the tea tree or activated bamboo charcoal are both great soaps to try and many people find that they help with breaking out.  

Combination skin can use any of these soaps as well.

The best way to find out which soap works best for you is to try the different soaps and see which one your skin prefers.  We also have half bars and travel bars available if you would like to test smaller amounts of the different soaps.

As always, if you have skin allergies, try the soap on a small patch of skin first to make sure you are not allergic.

goat milk soap for skin

When it comes to which lotion to use on your face, the same rules apply.  If you have any sensitivity, I would start with the unscented lotion.  Try the smallest size of both formulas to see which one you prefer.  If your skin isn't overly sensitive, simply choose a scent that you enjoy!

No matter which individual scent or formula you use on your face, remember that it's important to use natural products that avoid chemicals. 

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