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Our soaps are all handmade, which means that each bar is going to be slightly different. Each full bar is intended to weigh 5 ounces (before curing), but due to the way the soap pours into the molds and because we cut each bar of soap by hand, there is some variation in the size of the bars. To account for this variation, we say that each full bar of goat milk soap weighs at least 4.5 oz.

Once the soap is cut, we place it on our curing racks for a minimum of 6 weeks. This curing process makes the soap more gentle, lather better, and last longer. After 6 weeks have passed, the goat milk soap is ready to be bagged. When we prepare to bag a tray of soap, the first thing we do is go through the tray and weigh the smallest bars. Anything that is under 4.5 oz is put aside to be used for something else (such as being cut into half bars or travel bars). Then we bag the soap that weighs 4.5 oz or more and box it in preparation for when it will go into an order.

What if My Full Bar Weighs Less than 4.5 oz?

As the soap sits in the boxes waiting to be shipped out, it continues to cure. So if you receive your soap and it weighs under 4.5 oz, that means that it has been cured longer and has lost some additional water weight. We are always happy to exchange the soap if you’re dissatisfied with the size of the bar, but in reality it simply means you've received a bar that has been cured a long time and it will probably outlast a newer, heavier bar.

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