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"I'm not sure what I'd do without your soap. I've tried to use Dove again, and within a day of using it, my face was red and burning. Your soap is an absolute blessing after countless years of skin issues and doctors visits. Thank you for ALL that you and your family do!"

Click Here for a comparison of Dove ingredients vs. Goat Milk Stuff ingredients.


"I have been using my soap for about 4 weeks. I have been using the OMH bar to wash my hands instead of B&B works and my hands are so soft. I rarely need lotion. Looking forward to ordering the lotion bar. We live in South GA so we do not have extreme cold. Also use the oatmeal milk & honey soap. It has replaced my Dove unscented."

"HI PJ! I was a former Dove soap user. But after a huge psoriasis outbreak, I tried goat milk soap. It made my skin feel great and helped to clear up the psoriasis. I will never go back to Dove brand or any other brand as long as I can buy your soap. I love your soap and your family!"

"I currently have a bar of dove sitting in my shower, it is almost "new". I had just opened it when I decided to try my 1st bar of Fiji Island. That was a year ago. UM EW. I honestly haven't thought about it!! First let me say that I have a water softener on my house. ALL soap lathers well because of it. BUT my GMS soap makes my skin feel softer, lasts way longer and doesn't dry out my skin even a little bit. Plus the peace of mind of using a natural product not something that came out of a lab tested on animals is a big plus. I like to put ON my body what I can put IN my body, read the ingredients, Dove has a lot of things that are made in a lab. I will take Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil; Fragrance; Natural color over the chemicals in dove any day. GMS SOAP is well soap, dove is not soap it is a beauty bar, something the government makes them put on their product because it doesn't have the saponified natural fats, or as many NATURAL oils and this is why it is so cheap too, those fats are expensive. Cheaper product is not better! Especially when it doesn't last as long! Now I am going to go throw my bar of dove out. LOL!!"

"I never thought I would find a soap that didn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight. I tried everything, including Dove, and eventually stopped using soap altogether except for my hands and "important places" while showering. I also suffer from eczema - though not nearly as badly as before! I no longer get it on my legs and only get small patches on my hands - probably because I still use harsh soap on my hands in the bathroom at work. Dove was one of the better soaps I tried but it still left my skin feeling very dry, itchy and tight."


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