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Everyone loves the smell of cherries in their goat milk soaps and lotions, but bitter almond essential oil (which naturally smells like cherries) can only be used with extreme caution.

Why? Because bitter almond essential oil naturally contains benzaldehyde and hydrocyanic acid, also called prussic acid. Because of this it is regulated by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) since ingested it can be highly toxic.

For safety's sake, we avoid using straight bitter almond essential oil. Instead we use a bitter almond blend to scent almond goat milk soaps and lotions.

This bitter almond blend is much safer. Not only does this blend have all the prussic acid removed, it also has fractionated coconut oil added to make it non-toxic when used properly in your goat milk soap and lotion.

So there is no need to worry. This is a safe way to still have a natural source to scent your goat milk soap so it smells like sweet cherries!

Essential oils are very strong and should never be ingested or used undiluted on your skin. We are very careful with your goat milk soap to use an amount that is beneficial, but safe for your skin.

Allergic reactions to Almond essential oil do occur in some cases, so please watch for any reaction when using Almond products.

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